Thanksgiving Classics with a Twist



Put a new spin on an old classic this holiday season.

We’re not saying ditch the bird this year- but it wouldn’t hurt to try some new dishes to spice up your holiday meal this Thanksgiving.

We all have those people in our family that show up early to thanksgiving dinner, no matter what time you tell them. Furthermore, the food never seems to be ready for when you’ve planned. While they wait for their long anticipated meal, try keeping your guests happy with some of these fun and easy appetizers.



A standard “go-to” appetizer is the sliced cheese and crackers platter. Put a twist on it this year and try a simple baked brie with cranberries and pecans. Once baked you can serve with Apple slices, pear slices, crackers or pretzels. Yum!






butternut-aranciniAnother fun holiday appetizer is “butternut arancini”, better known as risotto bites. These lightly breaded, crispy treats will surely be a hit. Adding a roasted butternut puree makes the holiday come to life for this modern, Italian inspired snack.




butternut-bisqueOne of our favorite soups for this time of year is a Butternut Bisque. This creamy blend of squash and carrots is delicious and easy to make! Your guests will never know that this soup came from the blender. Serve bisque with a side of sour cream and garnish with cayenne for extra spice.



potatoes-aux-gratinEveryone usually has some form of potatoes at their thanksgiving dinner. We suggest you try Scalloped Potatoes with Blue Cheese and Bacon. This is a delightful take on a simpler scalloped potato dish. The blue cheese and bacon bites compliment the potatoes nicely. This dish takes a bit longer to make, but it is worth the time.


cornbread-stuffingStuffing is a staple of Thanksgiving food for many. This year, we recommend trying cornbread stuffing, a new spin on an old classic. Using cornbread for the stuffing will give it a vibrant, fresh flavor. This one is sure to be a hit among your guests.


apple-pie-nachosApple Pie Nachos- Sounds a little strange, but this is a delicious holiday snack or dessert! Using cinnamon flavored chips and apple pie filling covered in pecans and drizzled caramel, you can’t go wrong with this modern take on apple pie. We recommend adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top.


leftover-muffinsBe sure not to waste any of your Thanksgiving leftovers! Use some of the stuffing and turkey you have to make leftover Stuffin’ Muffins! This is a great way to turn your leftovers into a new meal, especially when you start to get tired of your thanksgiving extras.


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