5 Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas


Halloween is less than a week away and you still haven’t figured out your children’s costumes. Time is of the essence but you don’t want to spend a fortune on costumes your kids will only wear for a couple of hours. Not to worry! We have some easy and inexpensive options that will keep your children (and your wallet) happy!

1. Mummy


This one is a classic. Most people know you can always wrap yourself in toilet paper and call it a day. Let’s take it a little further. Try cutting up old white bed sheets into strips. Then, soak them in the sink with some tea bags to give the sheets a discolored and worn look. Create the costume with your child and have them help in the process to make it more fun. Although its simple and last minute, this costume can be a hit if done correctly!







2. Shark


This costume is warm, easy to make, and your kids will love it. Simply find a grey sweatshirt with a hood. Using felt and some glue, attach eyes on top of the hood, and teeth around the edge of the hood. Finally, you can attach a fin to their back by either sewing it on or using a piece of cardboard. Very practical and easy to make!






3 Lumberjack


This is an easy last minute costume because you probably already have almost everything needed to pull it off. Simply dress your child in a flannel shirt tucked into some jeans. Add a pair of boots if you have them. You will also need a winter hat. For the beard, simply cut some felt as seen in the picture above and connect some string to keep it on their face. Finally, find some cardboard or other materials lying around to create an axe. Simple as that!




4. Stick Figure


This one is fun and a little more original! Simply have your child dress in all black from head to toe. Then, tape or glue glow sticks to them in the shape of a stick figure. Be sure to not activate the glow sticks until you are ready to leave the house. This one has a cool effect once it is dark out!







5. Wind Up Doll


This is a pretty simple costume to make and doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is dress your child in a nice dress or skirt. Put knee high socks or tights on them with some dress up shoes. Out of cardboard, cut out the “wind up” mechanism. Then, use some spray paint to make the wind-up lever gold or silver. Finish it off with a little bit of make up to make them look even more like a doll. If they’re into it, encourage them to walk like a robot to add to the effect!