5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Fibromyalgia

A chronic condition such as Fibromyalgia can be a difficult disease to deal with, even on a regular day. The symptoms, including pain and discomfort, cramping, nerve and soft tissue pain, and even headaches can change on a day-to-day basis. As many fibromyalgia sufferers know, no two days are exactly alike. The difficulties of fibromyalgia plus the stress of the holiday season can be a lot to handle! We’ve got some tips to help you through those tough holiday times, so you can get back to enjoying time with friends and family.

  1. Remain positive. A healthy mindstate is key to any positive outcome. This is a great time of year to spend with family and friends, including those who you may not see very often. Keep a bright spirit, and enjoy the day, knowing that you’re around great company.
  2. You don’t have to be Super(wo)man. If you’re having a tough day dealing with Fibromyalgia, it’s perfectly okay. You don’t have to feel guilty. You’re around family and friends who love you, and they’ll certainly understand if you have to miss an activity or two.
  3. Plan in advance. If your gathering is centered around a meal, perhaps make a few dishes beforehand. On the big day, you can simply pop the dishes in the oven to save some time and hassle. Ask your guests to bring a side dish, and have your event pot-luck style! That’s fun for everyone, and saves you some time.
  4. Remember your routine. If you take medication at a certain time every day, don’t let the holiday throw off your schedule. Set an alarm on your cell phone to help remind yourself. Often, concern about others takes away from yourself. Be sure to take care of yourself!
  5. Enjoy yourself.The holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re hosting a gathering, but it’s important to remember the reason why you’re all getting together. Family is precious, and it’s important to take time and reflect.

Are there any other tips that you’ve found helpful? Medications such as Fibromyalgia Relief may help you in reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. Remember these tips, enjoy the holiday season, and stay healthy, naturally.