Andrew K.

Blur Relief – December 19, 2011

“I’ve always had vision problems all my life. First, near-sightedness during my first year in elementary school, glasses, contacts starting my middle-school years, Lasik Surgery right after college (when it first came-out), and congenital cataract surgery (at the age of 32). To top that off, I was recently diagnosed with a genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, for which there is no known cure. I am still 39, and I am just literally waiting for the day for me to turn blind. Since a couple of years ago, my night vision has gotten so bad that now I am terrified to drive at night, but at the age of 39, I just can’t stop driving at night! I am still in my prime! When it rains, it becomes worse (all of the lane markers disappear). If there are no reflective lane markers, forget it. The entire road just looks a large, black sheet of ice. I came across your eye drops about 6 months ago, and I have been diligently using them, thinking that it, at least, won’t make my eyes get any worse than they already are. Call it a placebo effect or what have you, but my night time vision has been gradually getting better. It’s still not where it used to be, but I can definitely see the difference in the clarify and the reduced glare from the street lights above and from the oncoming cars. I will continue to use this as long as your company continues to produce them. I’ve have nothing to lose! Thank you!”