Asthma Therapy™ – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is asthma?

A: Asthma is a chronic inflammation and a narrowing of the airways of the lungs. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing.

Q: What is Asthma Therapy™?

A: Asthma Therapy™ is a formula containing seven homeopathic ingredients which gently focus on multiple asthma symptoms such as difficulty breathing, spasmodic coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, sensation of chest tightness and congestion. Asthma Therapy™ does not replace fast acting inhalers and is intended to reduce the occurrence of asthma symptoms.

Q: How does Asthma Therapy™ work?

A: Asthma Therapy™ works via the traditional homeopathic mode of action, which is that they utilize small amounts (micro-dilutions) of ingredients that would cause in a large dose – asthma symptoms. These ingredients in a micro-dilution gently stimulate the immune system to respond to these symptoms.

Q: Should I see a doctor?

A: Asthma symptoms should always be diagnosed by a doctor to insure that the most appropriate treatment or treatments are prescribed and that the condition is properly monitored.

Q: How long should I use Asthma Therapy™ before getting relief?

A: Every individual is different and since the homeopathic active ingredients are stimulating the body’s response, results will vary from person to person. Generally results will be very gradually noticed between several days to months.

Q: What adverse reactions, drug interactions, contra-indications, or possible complications are there?

A: Asthma Therapy™ does not replace fast acting inhalers and is intended to reduce the occurrence of asthma symptoms. Homeopathic remedies have a 200 year history of having no known adverse reactions or drug interactions. They are okay for adults and children over the age of 12. USE ONLY AFTER DIAGNOSIS BY A PHYSICIAN. A physician should always be consulted to rule out serious causes. Initial worsening of symptoms may occur, a situation known by homeopathic doctors as a healing aggravation. If this occurs, discontinue use until symptoms subside, then resume use.

These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathic remedies are not guaranteed and may not be effective for everyone. Use this product after diagnosis by a physician and under the supervision of a physician. We strive for only one thing, to help you get and stay healthy, naturally. Always use our natural products as a complement to your physician’s guidance and counsel.