Tinnitus In Teenagers Becoming Common

A recent study in Germany found that that tinnitus, often called “ringing in the ears” is on the rise with younger generations. Exposure to loud noise is the number one cause of tinnitus, and can easily be prevented.

It’s important to know and understand how the environment can affect your ears. At The Relief Products, we talk often about tinnitus, and have covered ways to prevent exposure to loud noise. For information about the sounds that can damage your ears, and for information about protecting yourself, please see our post: “How Loud Is Too Loud?”

The statistics found by the study were quite alarming. Here’s a brief breakdown:

The prevalence of temporary noise-induced tinnitus and permanent tinnitus in high school students was respectively 74.9% and 18.3%. An increasing prevalence of temporary tinnitus with age was present. Most students had a ‘neutral attitude’ towards loud music and the use of hearing protection was minimal (4.7%).

Permanent tinnitus in teenagers, mostly high-school students, is at nearly 20%; that’s one out of every five. Take heed of dangerous situations now, and it will reduce your chances of tinnitus greatly in the future. If you already suffer from ringing in the ears, Ring Relief may be able to help.