What We’re Thankful For

There aren’t many times throughout the year to stop and really think about what one is thankful for, and Thanksgiving and the holiday season provides a perfect avenue for reflection. So, with the idea of reflection in mind, here’s what we’re thankful for at The Relief Products. As you’ll undoubtedly notice, these are all interconnected parts. Our company is truly an amalgam of resources and knowledge, and nothing works without cooperation from all pieces. So, without further ado, here’s what we’re thankful for this year:

We’re thankful that we are able to make a change in the lives of so many people. Our homeopathic remedies do not work for everyone, but the money-back guarantee shows that we stand behind our products. The success rate is astronomical, and we hear stories from customers every single day about how a product of ours has relieved some of their troubles relating to the condition. Whether it’s ringing in the ears, fibroymalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, or anything else, we take pride in the ability to have a profound impact on the lives of many. If you’d like to share a story, please feel free to contact us.

We’re thankful for our company’s relative success, so far. Our current line consists of 18 unique products, and we’re always expanding. In the last year, we’ve launched a handful of products: AgingEye Relief, Arthritis Therapy, and, most recently, the three new digestive products: Constipation Relief, Diarrhea Relief, and Heartburn Relief. We’ve expanded our distribution, building new relationships with retailers, and adding additional products to retailer shelves. We’re thankful for CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, RiteAid, and many, many others. The most current list can be viewed on our Retailers page.

We’re thankful for the companies that we work with that help our business to run. There are many moving parts behind the scenes, and one failure can cause a whole bunch of trouble. From cloud computing to shipping software to website management to Microsoft Office Suite, (and everything in between!) we use software daily that helps us maintain this relative success.

We’re thankful for the team of employees that we have created. Again, all parts of the company are inter-connected, and we’ve hired only the best of employees to help us manage the workload. We all have different professional backgrounds, and we can present different opinions and ideas to challenge one another on a daily basis. We set a number of company goals at the beginning of 2014, and are proud to be able to cross a number of them off the list. We’re able to learn every single day and develop professionally, while still having fun and enjoying one another’s company.

Last but certainly not least, we’re thankful to you, our customer. Without you all believing in, supporting, purchasing, and continually using our products, this company would not exist. The Relief Products would be nothing without you. To put it simply, you are the most important piece of the company puzzle. At this time of reflection, we are eternally grateful. Thank you.

We hope you take a few minutes this weekend to consider what you’re thankful, and share those thoughts with family, friends, and loved you. Until next time, wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!