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Drug Store News featured article: Increasingly health-conscious consumers eye natural, homeopathic products

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EcoParent featured article: Pink Eye and Your Kid

Homeopathic Products

Drug Store News featured article: Homeopath To Success: Homeopathic Products Go Mainstream

Drug Store News feature: The Relief Products™ Intros Overnight Eye Care Ointments


2020 WCA Awards and products

About the Women’s Choice Awards:

“The Women’s Choice Award is on a mission to empower women to make smart consumer choices. Brands that earn the Women’s Choice Award have gained the trust and the recommendations of women across the America. Just as important are the brands that have chosen to proudly carry the Women’s Choice Award seal, as those are the progressive businesses that generously support our advocacy efforts, which include women-focused charities and healthcare resources for women and their families. Together we are making a difference. So, be sure to look for the Women’s Choice Award seal before making your next purchase!”

The Relief Products REX Award

“Drug Store News recognizes those companies that have made major inroads in the natural category through product innovation and merchandising. These leaders stood out from a field of companies for their role in helping continue to grow interest in the natural products.”-DrugStore News. The Relief Products continues to strive for retail excellence by bringing unique and innovative products to the market that help customers Stay Healthy Naturally.  Most recently, we launched several sterile, preservative free, night time ointments that allow us to offer around the clock relief When combined with their daytime companions.