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What to Do When Your Kid Gets Pink Eye

By Brett From ThisMamaLoves

This post about what to do when your kid gets pink eye is brought to you by our friends at The Relief Products through our participation in the Women’s Choice Award Blogger program. Opinions are my own.

If you’re a parent, teacher, caregiver, coach, you know the fear of having pink eye in the house/classroom/camp etc. It’s one of the most contagious things and with kids touching their faces and everything around them all the time, there’s good reason. NO ONE wants to deal with pink eye. The good news? There’s 3 kinds of pink eye. Viral, bacterial and allergic.

I’ve had just a few instances of pink eye in my life, but the last time I had it was as an adult and it was a doozy. Holy cow. I took a nap, woke up, and I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. Hopefully I won’t again.  Apparently, I rubbed my eyes when I was sleeping and made things so much worse. I couldn’t even drive, it was so bad. And gross. Did I mention gross?

Thankfully, most kids don’t seem to get *that* bad, or we adults catch it sooner and it doesn’t get that bad. My lesson was learned, and fast. But, as a early childhood educator, child care worker, parent, and pink eye sufferer, I’ve learned what to do when your kid gets pink eye.

First: Don’t panic.

Really, no matter how tempting it is, panic helps no one. It’s gross and contagious, but it’s not likely to be the end of the world as you know it.

Second: Get them relief. 

TRP’s PinkEye Relief®

is something always on hand in my medicine cabinet. Pink eye and the like don’t seem to strike at convenient hours when the doctor’s office is open, amiright? At the first signs of pink eye we use this homeopathic medicine to offer relief from pink eye symptoms. It’ll help with redness and burning sensation, watering and swelling and that oh so lovely crusting and gritty feeling in those irritated eyes. Keep in mind that eye drops and ointments are NOT meant to be shared, so try to keep at least 2 on hand. Hopefully you’ll not need them, but chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re there.

PRO MOM TIP: Eye stuff is hard for most kids, so have them lay flat and close their eyes.  With clean hands, gently pull their lower lid down and squeeze the drops into the lower lid. When they close their eye again, it’ll help to spread the drops around.

The Relief Products Pink Eye Relief Eye Drops

The Relief Products brand has earned Women’s Choice Awards for several of their products for 3+ years and counting now- which means women are choosing this brand over and over again for themselves and for their families. Women just like me. I like knowing that other women choose a brand over another- don’t you? Enter for a chance to win a backpack full of school supplies and the best TRP products thru 9/30!

But especially, as a mom, I NEED to know what others are finding that works for their kids, especially with something that can be so uncomfortable and downright miserable as conjunctivitis. In 12+ years of parenting, I can count on one hand- actually- one finger- the times that my kids came home with or woke up with the telltale signs of pink eye AND the doctor’s office was still open. So I really have learned to keep some things on hand, and PinkEye Relief® is one of them!

Remember we talked about how much teens and tweens love their headphones and earbuds, especially on road trips earlier this summer, and how we like to have Ring Relief® packed in case they have the volume up high and kids have ringing in their ears? Same brand. Different product.  My oldest also gets styes frequently in her eyes, so she has a Stye Relief ® ointment she keeps in a cosmetic pouch in her backpack, and another in her drawer in her bathroom.

Lukewarm compresses. PRO MOM TIP: one time use!! Throw them into a hot washing machine after one use. Do not reuse! I grab my trusty bucket I use when there are stomach bugs in the house and keep soiled washcloths in there. They get a hot water run thru the machine and dried on high afterwards.

Third: Start cleaning.

Up first? Bedding. Especially pillowcases. Ideally, sheets and blankets, but if you only can do part, do the pillowcases. Toss them in a hot water wash with the washcloths. Stuffed animals that they cuddle with, too. Dolls can get a wipe down as well.

Now, if you can wash their backpack/school bag, toss it in the washing machine. If you can’t? Clean it by hand. Remember, kids touch all over their bags, and those bags touch bus seats and desks and chairs…

Next up? Hit the doorknobs and light switches in the house.

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