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The way we receive medical care in The United States has undergone some major changes over the past century. In the early 1930’s, house calls made up approximately 40% of all doctor-patient meetings. It was commonplace for your doctor to come to your home and address any medical conditions you or your family members may have. These visits allowed a more intimate way to seek treatment in the comfort of your own home. Often times the doctor knew everyone by name and could be considered a friend of the family. These friendly appointments also cut down on the healthcare costs associated with a trip to the doctor’s office, whether it be fees, travel expenses, or pricey prescriptions. Interestingly, this care experience resulted in healthier, happier patients.

Erin Kelly, author for MultiCare House Call Physicians — a company that meets the Primary Care needs for patients unable to leave home to see the doctor, says “Not only was this routine less costly, but it actually improved the health and well-being of many patients. It relieved the stress of waiting for a diagnosis. Thus, it kept people relatively healthier. It may have been old-fashioned, but it proved to be effective.”

As time passed and advancements were made in medical technology, the house call was quickly being replaced by today’s standard doctor’s visit. By the 1950’s, house calls made up less than 10% of all doctor-patient visits; By 1980 that number was less than 1%. The evidence concluded that doctors could be more thorough in their assessment of the patient by having access to medical devices, technology, and colleague’s opinions —all of which didn’t travel well. Allowing the doctor access to information and technology from his office ultimately resulted in a more accurate diagnosis for the patient.

But something was missing. Naturally a patient wants to receive the best possible treatment for any ailment that may be afflicting them, but the intimate relationship between doctor and family no longer existed. The sense of familiarity with a patient and allowing the doctor to treat them as whole, was lacking.

“According to American Academy of Family Physicians, an organization that offers quality health resources to families, house calls provided a clear and unique perspective of the patient’s surroundings and health issues. It gave the physician accurate information to provide a careful diagnosis and proper treatment options.”

In a world that is constantly evolving, how do we find balance between utilizing medical advancements while still treating the person as a whole — allowing for that personal touch in treatment?

It is in this balance that The Relief Products™ was able to find a home. If you’re not too familiar with homeopathy, a key pillar is the belief in treating the person as a whole, not just focusing on a diseased part of the body or a labeled illness. Homeopathic medicine by nature is tailored to the patient in that the active ingredients are designed to work very safely and gently with your body, prompting your body’s natural response to fight off symptoms.

Additionally, we aim to make our natural remedies affordable. Similar to the benefits of a home visit from a doctor, our compassionate pricing is designed to help patients save money while still getting access to effective treatment. Many of the chronic conditions our medicines are formulated to mitigate have no cure or easy fix. We strive to provide an alternative way to at least alleviate the severity of symptoms, even if only temporarily. That being said, our products work best when used daily as a preventative maintenance product, allowing the active ingredients to keep your symptoms at bay.

 Finally, The Relief Products™ prides itself on offering truly compassionate and comprehensive customer service. We do everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied, spending lots of time talking with them and getting their feedback. While we understand it isn’t possible to be there in person for every one of our customers, we strive to offer the same type of friendliness and familiarity as the family doctors from the mid 1900’s. With healthcare costs steadily on the rise, medical treatment will continue to change and evolve. The Relief Products™ plans to be there every step of the way, continuing to develop innovative, unique solutions for life’s acute and chronic conditions.

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