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Why Your Makeup Could Probably Use Some Spring Cleaning

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Like many women, you probably have a small bag of makeup and some of your favorite self-care products in your bathroom at home. What you may not know is that your old eye makeup can cause a serious eye infection. Nearly all makeup contains preservatives to slow the rate of bacterial growth, however, your eyelashes have natural bacteria on them which can spread to your makeup brushes and containers after use. The older the makeup is, the greater chance the bacteria build up in the container can lead to an eye infection or allergic reaction. According to the FDA, “a cosmetic can cause an infection. In rare cases, women have been temporarily or permanently blinded by an infection from an eye cosmetic.”

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Does this mean you should run home and throw away all your makeup? Not necessarily. Most important is to use your makeup with care. Make it a priority to keep the container clean and closed when it is not being used. Additionally, it is best to not share any kind of makeup with another person, as this greatly increases the risk of spreading an infection. Another suggestion is to review the ingredients thoroughly before purchasing to avoid any allergic reactions or complications.

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You may be wondering what an appropriate amount of time to keep your makeup is. Experts suggest changing your makeup every 2-4 months, as this will reduce the risk of infection. This is a good rule to follow for all makeup, especially mascara, eye liner, and other eye makeup. Spring cleaning applies to your cosmetics too!

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of an eye infection, including redness, burning, watering, swelling, or crusting, discontinue use of that makeup immediately. In most cases, the infection will clear up in a few days. In more severe cases, antibiotic drops may be necessary to eliminate the infection. In either case, we suggest using TRP’s PinkEye Relief® to soothe your irritated eye. PinkEye Relief® is formulated with five 100% natural active ingredients designed to work gently with your body to alleviate these symptoms. TRP also offers Stye Relief®, a topical ointment designed to relieve stye symptoms (which can also be caused by makeup misuse!) such as red swollen bumps on the eyelids, itching, and burning. All of TRP’s products are homeopathic and have no known side effects, interactions with medications, or contraindications. Stay Healthy, Naturally™, with The Relief Products™.

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To Read More About Eye Cosmetic Safety, Visit the FDA Website Here.

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